Since 2005 in a new splendour

For many decades, the historical spa park in Bad Schmiedeberg has been an important area for the spa guests of the town. Already in the 19th century, to some extent even before the beginning of spa treatments in the town, the landscape design of the current park areas of the city had taken shape. At that time, many of the landmark trees and bushes were planted which characterise the park still today. After nearly all of the spa facilities in the Eisenmoorbad Bad Schmiedeberg were restored, the historic park was restored as well from Autumn 2005 to April 2007. These repairs and remodelling work formed a part of the plan to obtain the third level of quality certification for the town as a location for Kneipp remedies.

Striking sights

There are several areas of the park worth visiting including the magnolia grove, the peat and herb axis, the rose garden and the herbaceous perennial border, the concert garden, the tranquillity garden, the sun park, the monument to cyclists and the two Kneipp facilities which have been important elements of the park which was landscaped already in 1874. more


Therapeutic mud – a proven treatment

In Bad Schmiedeberg, the local peat has been used as a remedy since the Eisenmoorbad spa was founded in 1878. Medical and scientific analyses have long given proof to the effectiveness of the treatment: The natural agents which are contained in the black peat earth contain healing or soothing properties for conditions affecting the locomotor system, rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, polyarthritis, Bechterew's disease, gout and osteoporosis. more

Healing Radon

The medicinal water of Bad Schmiedeberg's Kurfürsten Spring contains the naturally occurring noble gas radon in a concentration which is ideal for therapeutic treatments. We are thus one of the few medical spas in Central Europe which are able to use radon as a remedy. more

Precious medicinal water

There are veritable hidden treasures to be found beneath the ground. Due to the particular geological location in the area around Bad Schmiedeberg, the traditional therapeutic spa was able to add three different medicinal waters to its treatments in 1994 and 2014. Stored within fissures located inside a massive layer of granite, Bad Schmiedeberg's water is pure and rich in minerals and trace elements. Scientific analyses have proven that this is indeed a true natural treasure. more