There are a great variety of special offers and arrangements available to our guests which can be found on the following pages. Enjoy the idyllic location of our spa hotel and unwind from your day-to-day concerns. Mindfully use the peace and quiet so that can relax completely and can do something just for yourself with the spa and health treatments of the Eisenmoorbad Spa Bad Schmiedeberg. This will make a great contribution to your health in addition to your relaxation and recreation.

Please note: the wellness room is currently closed.

Please find here more information about:

- the new "Gradierwerk"

- the new therapies with salt

- the details of the á la restaurant in the art nouveau Kurhaus

Important information for the journey

Christmas & Silvester Time

Spend the last days of the year relaxing and recreating in the festive Bad Schmiedeberg Kurhotel. Don't just stay home alone, but turn the loveliest time of year into an enchanting and festive experience.

Intensive short programmes

With the stress from your job and the high pace expected from you, there is often too little time remaining for maintaining your health.

Offers for groups

Our offers for groups are directed at associations, groups of friends and clubs, which would like to take excursions together so they can experience new things.

Classical curative treatments

Our classical curative treatments are an inexpensive alternative to self-designed spa stays. Your benefit: experienced doctors and therapist have developed the programmes, harmonised them with each other and tested them.

Kneipp treatments

Kneipp treatments comprise the most comprehensive of the natural healing methods. Sebastian Kneipp built his health concept upon five pillars which allow a holistic observation of the human body and have an effect on its entirety.

Women's health treatments

The therapeutic mud found in Bad Schmiedeberg, used in the form of baths, packs, and tamponades, has always been particularly successful in treating women's health. The traditional treatments have a positive effect on hormone balances, increase circulation in the organs as well as have a pain-relieving and calming influence.

Health and culture

Get away from the rat race! Make use of a long weekend to restore your energy. In Bad Schmiedeberg, you can experience outstanding cultural events in the region and enjoy them in a relaxed atmosphere.

Give a gift certificate

By giving a gift certificate, you will always bring great pleasure to the recipient. Our gift certificates can be used for therapeutic services or package offers.